Dr. Salman earned her Master's Degree in Medical-Surgical Nursing (School of Nursing) and her Doctoral Degree in Epidemiology of Chronic Disease (Graduate School of Public Health) from the University of Pittsburgh. She has extensive clinical experience in acute and chronic care including organ transplantation. Prior to joining the faculty of Duquesne University School of Nursing as an Assistant Professor, she held positions as a staff nurse, home care nurse and most recently at a Medicaid managed health organization (MHO) as a community health nurse. Dr. Salman's expertise in nursing, public/community health, and Middle Eastern culture has led her to a research focus on disease prevention and health promotion with a particular interest in women's health and vulnerable populations. Dr. Salman's funded research has included minority, immigrant and refugee populations, international/global health, environmental health, interreligious (interfaith) dialogue, and technology in education. In 2016, Dr. Salman was awarded a Fulbright scholarship for six months in Saudi Arabia to share her research and teaching expertise.

Karen Eisler has been a RN for over 35 years. She has worked as a Clinical RN for 20 years in ICU and Emergency in an acute care hospital in Regina and for about 15 years primarily in Administrative positions; the most recent was as the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association. Her Master’s thesis and Doctoral research was in Nursing Leadership. The results indicated that managers’ use of transformational leadership practices can affect the staff nurses’ perception of the quality of patient care on a unit. Her research interest is in nursing leadership related to patient and staff outcomes, quality workplaces and provincial and national nursing regulation.

Dr Polly Li is an assistant professor of the Nethersole School of Nursing, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include supportive cardiovascular and repiratory care, gerontology and long-term care, particularly focusing on improving self-care among adults with chronic cardiac and respiratory diseases, including pneumoconiosis, heart failure and atrial fibrillation. Moreover, she also strives to promote brain health in persons with mild cognitive impairment, appropriate care-seeking behaviors in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Dr Li has successfully obtained several research grants from various funding agencies including General Research Fund, Early Career Scheme, and Health Care and Promotion Scheme. 

Amelia’s career spans more than 20 years both in Tonga and Australia across a variety of nursing services. In 2014, Amelia was the first Tongan to win the Alumni Award for Professional Achievement, a prestigious honour award from the University of Sydney, Australia. She is the first Tongan to receive a PhD in Nursing in 2012. Improving the health of the Tongan people is Amelia’s top priority, and Tonga's nurses are at the frontier of strategies to improve communities lifestyles choices and health care.

Amelia is a current member of the Advisory Board of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center (WHO CC), University Technology of Sydney, Australia. Amelia was recently the chair of the South Pacific Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officers Alliance (SPCNMOA). She is also the current chair of the Tonga Nurses Regulatory Board. Amelia is also a board member of the Tonga Health Promotion Foundation–a firm advocate for ‘Nurses: Grow your Wellness’: encouraging lifestyle transformation, exercise and Plant-based diet.

Amelia has provided her professional expertise to health services, organisations and governments over the years, in three major areas including Strategic policy level, Innovation and Research Initiative level. Amelia’s particular research interests focus on professional standards issues in nursing and health care delivery. She speaks nationally and internationally on her work and has presented in various regional and international conferences.

Recently, Amelia has been conducting national approach awareness programme for Tongan communities on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)–with robust commitment to ‘LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND’ –‘E ‘IKAI NGALO HA TAHAˊ

A practicing physician in the field of healthcare in the state of Kerala in India for the last30 years and very much interested in basic research. My interest is spread across the fever , inflammation and  back pain,. I am a writer. I already printed and published nine books in these subjects. I wrote hundreds of articles in various magazines.

After scientific studies we have developed 8000 affirmative cross checking questions. It  can explain all queries related with fever

Dr. Dariusz Wojciech Mazurkiewicz, holds Ph.D. in  Medical Sciences , the discipline of medicine. He is a graduate of  Medical University, Technical University, and Life Sciences University. He is educated and trained in the field of midwifery, health sciences, mental health, life sciences, and hospital care investigation. Dr. Mazurkiewicz is a member of: the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies; the American Association for the Advancement of Science; the European Psychiatric Assosciation. Dr. Mazurkiewicz is scientifically focused especially on: a new challenge for midwives,  limitations, risks, co-operation between midwives and medical doctors  in time of the threat of a mass terrorist attack and a life-threatening mass disaster. He is a prolific author, as the articles authored and published by Dr. Mazurkiewicz in peer-reviewed scientific journals are raising, among

others, the following vital and important issues: * a new challenge for midwives and medical doctors in time of the threat of a mass terrorist attack and a life-threatening mass disaster;      * limitations and risks in providing midwifery healthcare in the event of a mass terrorist attack; *  co-operation between midwives and medical doctors in the face of a terrorist threat; * the neurobiology of addiction; * sexual disorders following Ob-Gyn surgeries ; * cybersex;       * child sexually abused; * the role of forensic sexology and an expert witness in the fight against sexual crimes; * the acceptance of homosexuality; * the impact of mass terrorist attack on the health of an expectant mother and her fetus as well as the course of pregnancy and delivery; * mental health disorders in victims of World Trade Center terrorist attack of September 11,2001. Dr. Mazurkiewicz serves as a reviewer for several academic publications, including but not limited to, the European Journal Of Psychotraumatology.