Global Nursing Education - 2019

Cientific group is overwhelmed to announce its very first “Global Nursing and Healthcare Education”. Global Nursing Education-2019 has been intended to address nursing and midwifery related researchers to join and uncover the best procedures and medications to settle the seriously sick patients and improving the survival of injury casualties around the globe. GNE-2019 gives a worldwide stage for exchanging thoughts and continues refreshing about the most recent advancements in nursing and their Practices.

Which also provides an Opportunity to attend the presentations conveyed by Eminent Scientists from everywhere throughout the world. With the conference theme as "Reconciling the Recent research advancements in nursing and Health Care”. Our goal is to bring together researchers from across the nursing and health care community to foster a broad approach to addressing overlapping research challenges happening in the health care industry.

We sincerely hope that GNE-2019 will serve as an international platform for meeting researchers, widening professional contacts and build new opportunities.

Aim and Objectives of Nursing congress, Singapore

1. To talk about fundamental goals in revelations and improvements of Nursing and Midwifery.

2. To discuss major objectives in disclosures and enhancements of Nursing and Midwifery.

3. To draw in and instruct Nursing Professional, researchers, Professors, postdoctoral learners and understudies from the business stage to nearby University structure everywhere throughout the world.

4. To submit joint venture proposition.

5. Discuss other two-sided look into projects between Asian Countries, Europe, USA and rest of the world.

6. This meeting will go about as a decent stage to discover accomplices for worldwide research joint efforts.


Close to 1,200 delivery scientists, engineers, clinicians and technical professionals from 55 countries are expected to attend for a two-day meeting featuring:

5+ Keynotes
25+ Scientific Sessions
8+ Mini Symposia
5+ Focus Groups
3+ Workshops
30+ Exhibitors
100+ Abstracts ( Submit Abstract Here )

Advanced Nursing

Advanced nursing session has a remarkable impact on the developing medicinal and nursing fields. Advanced practice nursing is the term used to characterize a level of nursing practice that utilizes extensive abilities, experience and learning in nursing care. Advanced practice is generally described in connection to a list of skills, learning and competencies that are past beyond those typically anticipated from a nursing role, however which must be accomplished before nursing professionals can portray their training as cutting edge.

The Advanced Nursing market is anticipated to $16.026 billion by 2023 growing at an estimated value of CAGR of more than 6.6% during the forecast period 2018 to 2023.

Key Words: Nurse Practitioners, Advanced practice nursing, Community networks, Nursing specialists, advanced practice education, PICO framework


Health care education

The significance of Healthcare related wellbeing incorporates practice exercises that you basically pitch demand to do to help your physical prosperity and keep strong, altogeather inside the classes of vas constancy, solid quality, flexibility, solid duration and body creation. Physical and prosperity preparing Physical and prosperity guidance bases on each getting the hang of concerning and learning through physical activity. Every estimation urges understudies to Approaches to manage learning (ATL) aptitudes over the program.

 The global market for Health care treatment should grow from $4.0 billion in 2018 to $8.0 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 14.8% for the period of 2018-2023.

Key Words: Simulation, Education, Health care–associated infection, CRBSI, Medical education, Radiology, Cancer, Genomics, Genomic health care, Health disparities


CriticalCare/Emergency Nursing

The promise of Critical Care/Emergency Nursing is truly exceptional. Critical nursing is the forte inside the field of professional nursing, concentrating on the consideration patients with medicinal crises i.e., who require brief therapeutic attention regarding maintain a strategic distance from long term disability or death. Emergency attendants work in clinic crisis divisions, urgent care centers, sports fields, and on restorative transport airplane and ground ambulances.  They are also responsible for taking care of the patients with heart attacks, strokes, gunshot wounds and car accidents and also tend to patients with acute alcohol and drug  intoxication, psychiatric and behavioral issues and the individuals who have been assaulted. Emergency nurses must be adopted to work with different backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages and types of disabilities.

In January 2014, criticalcare covered around 49 million elderly Americans with around USD 362 billion worth payments. According to criticalcare, approximately USD 2.1 billion extra reimbursement costs can be saved by implementing advanced systems in hospitals and care centres

Key Words: palliative care, Critical care, Nursing interventions, Delphi method, Neurological Nursing, Craniotomy, Postoperative, Intensive care unit, Emergency Nursing, (FTR) failure to rescue


Innovations in Nursing Education 

This session refers as a working team network for assessing and empowering the new age for the Nursing Education. now a days United States manages an extend deficiency of Nurses, coordinated on the off chance that by a winding down development of populace and an absence of accessible spots for the schools of nursing, universities with nursing programs across the country.

Consistently the percent of new registered nurses graduating from associate degree programs is increasing, and it is currently over 66% of all new Graduated nurses. of all new graduated nurses.. The National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice (1996).

Key Words: Clinical teaching, Theoretical integration, Inclusive education, Nursing education, responsive teaching, Gerontological nursing, Disaster nursing, Disaster preparedness, Health care reform, clinical reasoning, simulation, Clinical Clerkship, postlicensure education, accreditation


Trends in Clinical Nursing

This session deals with the upcoming major researches of Clinical Nursing happening around the world, A Clinical Nurses are advanced registered nurses who can provide advice to specific conditions and treatment pathways. They can execute treatment intends to determine medicinal issues.. They serve as Patient advocates, researchers, consultants. They plan, direct, or facilitate the day by day patient care exercises in a clinical practice. Some of the functions include providing direct patient care, teaching patients and their families, guiding and planning care with other personnel, and conducting research. They directly guide the patients, or they guide through other nursing personnel. The main goal of clinical nurse specialist is to provide safe, qualify, and cost-effective specialty care.

The top innovation being used today is video for aptitudes (84 percent) trailed by on the web/distant learning (75 percent) and virtual simulation (65 percent), tied intimately with versatile testing(64 percent).

Key Words: Complex Health Care, Neonatal Intensive Care Course, Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Nurse, Incivility, Clinical preparation, Nursing competency


Midwifery:Innovation, Practice and Research

As the new era begins, instructors are tested to keep on adapting midwifery assistance training to the changing needs of our social health care services framework. General working areas of midwifery nurses are observed in private physician practices, universities, military hospitals, birth centres, clinics, hospitals, or through in-home firms where home deliveries are performed. They perform a routine gynaecologic check-up; providing support during the preconception stage; postpartum care and pre and post-menopausal care. 

The worldwide market for Midwifery wellbeing therapeutics will develop from about $33.0 billion of every 2015 to almost $40.6 billion by 2020, with a compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 4.2% for the time of 2015-2020.

Key Words: Midwifery education, Ideology, Evidence-based practice, obstetrics, plowing, pregnancy, prolonged, Woman-centred care, Clinical placement, Student midwife


MajorChallenges on Paediatric Nursing

Paediatric Nursing is a field that incorporates the studies related to treatment of neonates and youngsters up to adolescence, typically  that may occur in an in-patient hospital or day-clinic. Which involves recording the child’s height and weight, obtaining blood and urine samples, and ordering diagnostic testing. A Child health nursing is predicated on principles like respecting child’s needs, having an awareness of the child’s need, protecting child-family interpersonal relationship, etc. Children's nurses have to be compelled to be able to spot once a child's health takes a flip for the worse, which can often happen rapidly. This involves operating in closely with the parents or guardians.

The pediatric clinical trials scenario in 2013, more than 290 pediatric research procedures were conducted in the United States, which represented a large proportion of the global number of pediatric research procedures, more than 35% if quantified. Which is expected to grow more by the end of 5 years.

Key Words: Preterm infants, Neonatal intensive care unit, Maternity, Pediatrics, Paediatric oncology nursing, Critical incident technique, Family-centred care, Practicum, Pediatric rehabilitation, Empathy


Advances in Adult Health Nursing

 The session of Advances in adult health nursing deals with the treatment which is predicated on the careful quality of the intrinsic coronary Heart ailments. Some delicate heart blemishes don't require any treatment. Others can be treated with pharmaceuticals, prominent procedures or medical procedure. Most adults with characteristic coronary ailment should be seen by a heart ace and may need to remove prudent steps to turn endocarditis (a tainting of the heart) for an incredible length

The global market for Adult Health nursing technologies is expected to grow from $5.7 billion in 2017 to $13.6 billion by the end of 2022 at a compound annual growth rate of 19.2%.

Key Words: Home nursing, virtual simulation, deteriorating patient, competence, Older adults, Adverse events, Clinical trials, Sarcopenia,  Falls, Radiology nursing

Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric and Mental issues and results may be detected after a man is shown to at least one or more traumatic events, for example, genuine stretch, attack, fear mongering, or particular hazards on a man's life. Electroconvulsive treatment and impacts treatment is a strategy in which electric streams are encountered the cerebrum, deliberately setting off a concise seizure. A series of ECT is useful for around half of individuals with treatment-safe, genuine depressive issue, regardless of whether it is unipolar or bipolar.

The mental medication market was expected to grow to $9 billion by 2015 from $4.5 billion in 2010 at a CAGR of 14.9%.

Key Words: Mental health, bipolar, unipolar, genuine stretch, Stigmatization, Physical restraint, nursing practicum, psychiatric simulation, mental health simulation, Telepsychiatry, Brain imaging technology

New approaches to Oncology Nursing

Oncology Nursing session is a specialised for the professionals who takes care of cancer patients. Oncology nursing care will be outlined out as gathering the various desires of oncology patients for the duration of the time of their infection including proper screenings and elective precaution rehearses, side effect the executives, and auxillary measures upon end of life. Oncology nursing have variety of specialities such as radiation, surgery, paediatric, or gynaecologic. Oncology nurses can work in various inpatient settings such as hospitals and outpatient settings, in hospice services, or in physician offices

The Oncology Nursing market is Anticipated to $16.026 billion by 2023 growing at an estimated value of CAGR of more than 6.6% during the forecast period 2018 to 2023.

Key Words: surgical oncology nursing, oncology nursing, geriatric oncology, gero-oncology nursing, Cancer care, Oncology nursing, Quality of care, Cancer burden

Effective Nursing Teaching Strategies

A nurse teacher plays a crucial role in nursing student's life; she utilizes the successful approaches to maintain and give appreciation lucidity pretty much every one of the subjects and its profundity to the understudies. She needs to exploit innovation in nursing. She needs to decide the understudies learning design. Nursing understudies' advantage levels are advanced by couple of systems like addressing arbitrarily, leading nursing discusses, and emerging nursing bunch discourse themes. It is conceivable that this belief on innovation in nursing vocation is expanding quickly. The motivation behind this thought is the advancement of innovation based nursing instruction and to indicate targets requiring further exchange inside the nursing workforce. It is turning into a clear impulse that nurture instructors need to dissect esteems, correspondence and social procedures while coordinating, judging, contributing and examining innovative use inside their work place. 

Over the five years to 2019, revenue for the Nursing Professional in industry is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 2.2% to $139.8 billion.

Key Words: Nursing Teaching, Multigeneration, Teaching strategies, education strategy, baccalaureate, Nurse teaching, Teaching methods.

Nursing Informatics

Nursing informatics (NI) is the Virtue that unites nursing science with various data organization and diagnostic sciences to order, represent, maintain, and disseminate data, insight, awareness, and prescience in nursing practice. Nursing Informatics , guide nurses, clients, patients, the amateurish medicinal association, and other collaborator in their basic leadership in all execution and ambience to gain aimed conclusion. This support is skilful using insight position, knowledge improvement, and insight automation.

The Nursing Informatics market was regarded at $3.5 billion in 2011 and in 2015 should be worth $8 billion, a CAGR of 14.9%.

Key Words: Health equity, Intellectual property, Nursing informatics, Mobile health, Informatics, Health informatics, Electronic Medical Record, telemedicine, Nursing informatics, Problem-based learning

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  • Unlimited Entrance
  • Access to All Sessions
  • A free paper abstract
  • Coffee Break
  • A free paper abstract
  • Lunch at the conference
  • Certificate of Presentation
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